Wulai Parking Structure design by QLAB

Wulai Parking Structure design by QLAB
Architects: QLAB Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan Client: New Taipei City, Department of Transportation Area: 8,308.98 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Courtesy of QLAB Design Director : Borden Tseng Project Manager: Tunghan Wu Project Designer: Zizi Huang Assistant Designers: Albert Chiu, Mike Yeh
The building is located in a tourist attraction site named Wulai in the New Taipei City of Taiwan. The outset of the project calls for an addition of parking structure on top of the existing building which was built about twenty years ago with reinforced concrete structure. The goal was to fill in with another 300 parking space with this new steel structure above. The design took clues from its beautiful surroundings such as the silhouette of the mountains and translates it into a simple curving façade which covers the entire length of the building from North to South. We deployed the techniques of parametric design when generating this gentle curve that moves three dimensionally in space. The end result requires 3000 pieces of aluminum extrusion that were prefabricated in shop, shipped and assembled on site. This louver façade also help block the western sun from hot steaming summer heat in Taiwan.  The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can be as high as 5 degrees in Celsius in any given summer days. The design of the building aims to create a gesture that blends quietly with the surrounding landscape and richness in structural details and material assemblage.
Source: QLAB
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