Villa Gardone design by Richard Meier & Partners

Villa Gardone design by Richard Meier & Partners
Yesterday Richard Meier & Partners announced the design of a new Italian residence, Villa Gardone. The home is part of a complex in Gardone Riviera that is to be designed by a number of illustrious architecture firms from Europe and the U.S and completed by 2014. Villa Gardone is situated on a steep eastern slope, 300 meters from Lake Garda. The design strategy of “two rectangular solids were placed perpendicular to one another and then stacked on top of each other, running parallel and crosswise to the slope of the terrain.” The perpendicular placement maximizes views of the water, city center and local context. Southern exposure is embraced, flooding the residence with natural light. The top volume frames spectacular views of the aqua lake for the bedroom and living room, while the lower base sits parallel to the slope and offers convenient access to the road for the garage. The two volumes lift apart, creating an intermediate void that serves as a main entrance. Outside terraces offer an array of views and privacy depending the program they are serving. The Villa Gardone is a reflection of Richard Meier & Partners’ classic design principles, representing a “continuous exploration of solid and void, transparency and opaqueness, light and texture, and the interrelation between the ephemeral with the physical world.”
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