Telindus Haasrode design by Crepain Binst Architecture

Telindus Haasrode design by Crepain Binst Architecture
Architects: Crepain Binst Architecture Location: Heverlee, Belgium Project Manager: Dirk Engelen Collaborators: Bart Coenen, Veerle Duyck, Leen Luyten Photographs: Courtesy of Crepain Binst Architecture Engineering: Ingenium General Contractor: Cosimco Office buildings contribute to the clear identity of a company and in all aspects reinforce the image to a good and tightly structured basis or architectural work-platform for their product. This 100 m long concrete socle or plinth slides into the sloping landscape as a sculptural under-layer and high-tech motherboard for the position of three glass beams with landscape offices and management offices. A curved recess below leads the cars to the parking, and marks, together with the glass entrance hall, the dynamics of this span as an intersection of all traffic flow. Large sunken patios reconcile all adjacent lecture rooms, meeting spaces and offices to one visually interactive experience in relationship to the restaurant and the circulation linchpin of this 35,000 m² large office icon.
Source: Crepain Binst Architecture
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