Stone - The Multifunctional Kitchen design by Mario Stoica

Stone - The Multifunctional Kitchen design by Mario Stoica
Stone - the Multifunctional Kitchen from Ezzo Design on Vimeo.
Taking into consideration that the kitchen is one of the most frequented places in a house, we feel that Stone, The Multifunctional Kitchen, not only that it has multiple advantages but it also offers  many privileges if we think about the space built for it. The Multifunctional Kitchen’s  theme  is determined by materials inspired from the world of polished stones. Thus the image is imposed by the finishes’ accents, technology and our designer’s  feeling. Besides its different charm, the performances  allow the kitchen to be placed in rather small  spaces, without loosing its latency. Moreover  it offers a feeling of open space and mobility. The multiple uses of the kitchen are determined by new, modern elements: the drawers,  the kitchenware, the electric heater, the sink and the space destined for the coffee maker. These last two are revealed by the swiveling countertop which  may also be used as a kitchen table. The refinement of the materials and the ingenuity of the kitchen’s components define a distinct perception of common reality.  The relevance of the multifunctional kitchen and the subtle character of forms, delineate the vibrant close-up-view of the designer : Mario Stoica – Ezzo Design (
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