Regional Labor Court design by Corsi Hirano Arquitetos + Reinaldo Nishimura

Regional Labor Court design by Corsi Hirano Arquitetos + Reinaldo Nishimura
Location: Goiânia – Goiás, Brasil
Project Leaders: Daniel Corsi, Dani Hirano e Reinaldo Nishimura (autores)
Competition Team: Laura Paes Barretto Pardo e Liana Paula Perez de Oliveira
Executive Project Team: Sérgio Matera, Thaís Velasco, Andrea Key Abe, Taís Lie Okano, Renato Borba e Pamella Porto Kaninski
Project Area: 85000 sqm
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Nelson Kon
Interiors: Corsi Hirano Arquitetos + R. Nishimura + NL Design
Landscape: Cristiana Rodrigues e Marilise Castro Arquitetura e Paisagismo
Construction: GM e CG
The strength of the pure and predominantly horizontal geometry of the Court building imposes itself as a new urban milestone of the city of Goiânia, which is made feasible by its innovative materiality and technology. This is an architecture that communicates with the individual, offering at least a moment for pause and emotion. The construction is based on the quality of its spaces, providing unique solutions for the lighting and ventilation questions. The building is comprised by one outer surface and one inner surface. The outer surface is made with double laminated glasses, which major function is protecting against excessive insolation and weather conditions. This is strengthened by its gray color and the serigraphy designed for the project in function of optimal transparency and opacity calculations. The red color in some stripes represents the Law. The glasses, detached around its whole perimeter, are supported by metallic grips and brushed steel clamps to fasten them in four points. The inner surface includes aluminum sashes and clear, fixed or moving, glasses. The utilization of the double façade feature enables the building to emphasize its formal sobriety, in addition to collaborate for the energy utilization efficiency of the architecture.
Source:  Corsi Hirano Arquitetos , Reinaldo Nishimura/ Nelson Kon
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