One Thousand Museum Tower design by Zaha Hadid

One Thousand Museum Tower design by Zaha Hadid
Architects: Zaha Hadid Architect‘s Location: Miami, USA
One Thousand Museum Tower is one of several by high-profile architects that are beginning to take root in Miami, changing the tide of investment from real estate that is solely driven by waterfront locations to architecture that is high-end and luxurious. The building’s 83-condos – ranging from 5,400 to 11,000 square feet and featuring amenities such as private elevators, media rooms, and libraries – will cost $5 and $15 million per unit.  Community amenities will include a helipad, a deck with multiple pools and cabanas, rooftop event spaces, a cigar lounge, sun decks and billiards rooms, a fitness center and a screen room. The ground floor, leasable to commercial space, will aim to attract high-end retail and restaurants within a multi-height corner cut-away of the building. Residents will be greeted by a drop entrance which transitions into an open lobby whose exterior and interior is blended by a continuation of similar materials.  Though the color scheme is largely neutral, areas of accent are planned to bring out points of interest within the building’s interior. At its base, the podium will function as the community space within the tower that offers a landscape of water features intertwined with pools, saunas and cabanas. At the building’s rooftop, private programs such as a helipad, lap pool, lounge pool and sun deck, along with work out facilities, event spaces and dining areas, will be divided up amongst a series of alternating levels. The tower’s massive concrete exoskeleton, standing in stark contrast with the delicate and transparent glazing system, will form delicate curves around the curtain wall system to conceal a series of platforms and balconies. This structure will continue to flow over the podium, which articulated with large perforated metal panels, to ground itself at the street level while visually unifying the structure as a single object within the skyline.
Source: Zaha Hadid Architect‘s/ 1000museum
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