mut architecture: z house

mut architecture: z house
'z house' by mut architecture an outcropping of rock creates the setting of the 'z house' by mut architecture in brentwood, california. protruding from the hillside the house is supported by the hill as it has no pillars or false walls. owners and guests enter the house through the kitchen, where the countertop is at the same height as the playground. exterior stairs are in embedded in the rocks, in the facade of the house. the stairs lead to the pool, to the tennis court, to a grass roof deck sitting above the gym - a roof deck that offers an elevated view of the city while cooling the space of the gym below. aerial view the tennis court cut into the hill one of the entrances the deck living space living space leading onto the deck model aerial view floor plan floor plan section view section view project: z house location: los angeles date: 2010 program: house team: j. mascaro, l morand status: unbuilt
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