Melfi Headquarters design by Medir Architetti

Melfi Headquarters design by Medir Architetti
1315594102-02-1000x504.jpg (1000×504) 1315594137-04-1000x483.jpg (1000×483) 1315594091-01-1000x803.jpg (800×642) 1315594120-03-1000x768.jpg (800×614) 1315594186-06-1000x777.jpg (800×622) 1315594156-05-1000x791.jpg (800×633) 1315594250-08-797x1000%2520copy.jpg (1000×605) 1315594274-09-1000x837.jpg (800×590) 1315594295-10-1000x748.jpg (912×640) 1315594029-dra-01-673x1000%2520copy.jpg (912×629) 1315594053-dra-03-1000x1000.jpg (912×663) 1315594076-dra-07-1000x1000%2520copy.jpg (1000×484) 1315594066-dra-05-1000x1000.jpg (912×635) 1315594071-dra-06-1000x1000.jpg (912×613) Architects: Medir Architetti / Roberto Ianigro, Valentina Ricciuti Location: , Italy Client: Melfi Srl Structural Engineer: Sergio Iadanza – Iadanza Engineering Isernia Mechanical Engineer: Leo D’Antona Project Year: 2006 Photographs: Alberto Muciaccia The industrial area of Pettoranello, close to Isernia, is located in an ex-wetland surrounded by mountains, tangent to the state route connecting Campobasso and Isernia to the railway. The medieval town of Pesche dominates the valley. On the site there is a square shed and the office building. For the office building, the client requested a central double-height void with skylights and rooms accessed by distribution galleries over the void. Though these requests suggested the hypothesis of a new introverted and centripetal spatial configuration, the qualities of the landscape called for a more open solution. These intentions have been expressed by using three elements that differ for morphology, chromaticism and surface treatment. A ribbon emphasizes first the longitudinal component, defining the entrance and starting a dialectic exchange with the mass of the shed. The vertical component, details the way zenith light penetrates the building.
Source: Medir Architetti / Roberto Ianigro, Valentina Ricciuti milimetdesign – Where the convergence of unique creatives
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