Malecon Castilla House design by David Mutal Arquitectos

Malecon Castilla House design by David Mutal Arquitectos
Architects: David Mutal Arquitectos Location: Lima, Peru Area: 345 sqm Year: 2011 Photographs: Gonzalo Cáceres The scheme designs two independent duplexes within a small triangular site, located in Barranco, a historic and ancient spa district in the city of Lima during the nineteen twenties. The brief’s particularity had the first duplex to be part of an existing townhouse connected by a patio of sculptures. The second duplex located on top of the first one had to have an independent connection to the street but also with access to the patio. The site’s geometry, the views towards points of interest and the special requirement from both owners for closeness, but also independence, where challenges and triggers that set the project’s goal to arrive to a very precise solution. In this manner the first duplex, the studio and the piano room become the extension of the patio through the double height space that extends into a loft space with views to the sea, unbeknownst to the clients up until the moment of construction. The second duplex is a flat, with social areas on the top floor, taking advantage of the more expressive higher ceilings: five-sided hoof roof that grows from the geometry of the plan. The flat looks at the sea, to the tallest tree line on the main avenue and the main square of Barranco. Each window is arranged favouring these selected views and ignoring all others. The relation with the conservation area of Barranco, with constructions built with adobe and quincha, it’s not done by imitating the language of the architecture of the nineteen twenties, but by the proportions of the solids and voids on the façade, where the spans respond to the connections of the interior with the views to the chosen points of interest around the site.
Source: David Mutal Arquitectos/ Gonzalo Cáceres
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