House In Nagata, Kobe-city design by Tadashi Suga

House In Nagata, Kobe-city design by Tadashi Suga
header_logo%2520copy%2520copy.jpg (805×90) Title: House In Nagata Architect/Designer: Tadashi Suga Location: Kobe-city, Hyogo Site area: 667.65sqm Total floor area: 483.24sqm Structure: RC(S in part) Completion: Jun 2006 Materials: Exterior Wall : steel plate Exterior Floor: mortar brush finish Interior Wall: diatom trowel finish Interior Floor: 400×400 limestone Photos: Yoshiharu Matsumura This house is located on the foot of mountains in Nagata, Kobe. This location indicates a typical landform of this city, which is surrounded by mountains on the north and coastlines on the south. The landowner requested two things. One is to ride up the relief by car, so the spiral slope was made towards high-located entrance on 4800mm. As climbing up gradual stairs in the site, coastlines and Mt.Takatori are coming into visitor’s eyes over roofs of neighbor’s houses. The second request was that a life four members of the family should be integrated in the second floor. So, on the second floor , hinder area from the living room is designed as a higher privacy area, which is led by a slope with 850mm relief. A ceiling has a succession and inclinations are set between 3000mm and 3700mm on the living room; between 2150mm and 2850mm on the bed room, which makes remarkable contrasts of an opened living room and composed private rooms. A unique relation between the city and the natural landform are made by using relieves of the macroscopically landform and microscopically incline of the house with seamless flow. And also a volume of the living space is compacted in the second floor, which is sustained by two 175mm square columns. The first floor is designed as pilotis which can be used as a porch so that greenery of neighborhood on the east side and masonry wall on the north side are shown without any obstruction. This house symbolizes an incamation of landform around as penetrating it into a building.
Source: Tadashi Suga
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