Elena Garro Cultural Center design by Fernanda Canales + Arquitectura 911

Elena Garro Cultural Center design by Fernanda Canales + Arquitectura 911
Architects: Fernanda canales and Arquitectura 911 Artistic collaboration: Paloma torres Landscape: Entorno – Hugo sánchez and tonatiuh martínez Photography: Jaime navarro Location: Coyoacán, México City Surface: 1,500 m2 Year: 2013 The project, located in Coyoacán, is a modification of an existing house, a listed building, from early 20th century, which is transformed into a cultural center. The need to preserve the existing building led to the decision that the project would highlight the new programs and, at the same time, respect the original house. Thus, the project consists of several elements that define the intervention: first, a well-defined entrance, which acts as a frame linking the building with the street and highlighting the existing house; then, a series of gardens and courtyards surrounding the project and inserting into it; and, at last, a rectangular volume at the back of the site, designed on three floors and consisting of a multi-purpose room, warehouse, machine rooms and a parking lot on the ground floor. These pieces mark the different paths throughout the building and tie up all the different areas of the cultural center.
Source:  Fernanda canales and Arquitectura 911
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