E.On Avacon design by Bof Architekten

E.On Avacon design by Bof Architekten
Architects: Bof Architekten Location: Kiel, Germany Design Team: Lutz Schneider, Frank Keikut, Leonie Willnauer, Katrin Becker Timo Eisele, Tim Kalka, Romain Tauais, Judith Overberg Area: 8,436 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Hagen StierThomas Lewandovski Landscape Design: greenbox Landschaftsarchitekten, Köln/Düsseldorf Structural Engineer: Drewes & Speth, Hannover Mechanical Engineer: EGS plan, Stuttgart
The building is located in the center of Salzgitter-Lebenstedt. With its location it newly defines the urban space around the city hall and at the end of the central shopping area and marks the transition from the city center to the landscaped areas that stretch to the edge of the city. Landscape design and architecture join to form a symbiosis At the end of the landscaped area the grass will be raised to a higher level, hence extending the park. A parking garage for the cars of the E.on Avacon employees is located below the city and in particular for those workers employed in the city hall. Due to its open structure, a large amount of natural lighting reaches the parking garage which in turn allows for trees that characteristically mark the landscaped area above. As a result, not only the transition to the landscaped areas could be achieved, but also the required amount of parking spaces could be fulfilled withing the urban fabric. At the same time, the artificial step in the landscaped surface helps to define the architecture of the building. In an urban context it offers the building a source of design support and helps to contain the urban spaces between the E.on Avacon building and the city hall. Architecturally it also characterizes the entrance area of the new administration building. The entrance hall has two levels. The lower level is clad with stone and wood and welcomes the employees and the visitors in a quiet, well lit atmosphere and is a positive means of orientation. A large planting bed dominates the upper level entrance area to the offices and which is located at the same level as the park. The main level houses not only the main entrance, but also the transition to the parking garage and the access to the offices, the conference rooms and the employee cafeteria. The exterior terrace is located at park level and is raised in such a manner that it is protected from street level. Interior and exterior correspond respectively in spatial regards at ground level, but also because of a careful selection of materials: The single-story glazing of the exterior walls allows for an expansive panorama and overview of the surroundings, stairs run parallel to one another both inside and outside and are only differentiated by their materials. This applies to the flooring material as well. The offices on the upper levels have been divided into four approximately 400 m² units each of which can be accessed by means of two stairwells. Principally, the levels have been divided into a combination of single office and large office spaces. Single and transparent offices which can be locked are readily available for the employees. In the wide middle zone there are areas for small gatherings, breaks and meetings. The copy machines and the central data storage is also located in this area. The generous pantries are conceived in such a manner, that one can look into the interior courtyard. From the single office spaces, one can observe the open-office environment or enjoy a contemplative view of the interior courtyard or the city-scape surrounding the building. Single storey expanded metal panels located on the outside of the building serve as a means of shading. The panels can be adjusted in such a manner to deter glare yet allowing for the best possible view. The adjustable panels, which are located on the upper levels of the building, accentuate the solitary quality of the building during the day. During the evening hours the light emitting through the facade dissolves the function of the panels in playful manner.
Source: Bof Architekten/ Hagen StierThomas Lewandovski
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