Daegu Gosan Public Library design by Gorka Blas

Daegu Gosan Public Library design by Gorka Blas
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Architect: Gorka Blas Project Title: Daegu Gosan Public Library Location: Daegu, South Korea Award: 1st prize Project Team: Gorka Blas Revilla (individual)
This proposal conceives the library as a cultural and social space for the local community. For this purpose the project focuses in obtaining a functional, attractive and confortable facility that constitutes an essential element for neighborhood´s everyday life. In order to achieve this objective, the project translates the scale of the domestic space to a public facility, without lack of its public dimension. The surrounding urban grid is composed by small residential buildings. The new library is planned to have a direct relationship with the environment in terms of scale, to be understood as a service for the community. The total volume of the building is divided into eight parts, similar to the surrounding buildings scale. The modular volumes are raised from the ground level and the resulting parts are conceived as different rooms, although the space of the library is continuous and the plan is free. The grouped volumes make the library spatially diverse and the scale of the library zones smaller. They also provide the rooms with different amount of light. The cultural and educational facilities are located in the upper floors, directly accessible from the main entrance. The office is located under the library so it is completely functional and private. The library is located in a public space surrounded by trees, so the building is placed in the center of the site in order to prevent the trees from being cut and to preserve the character of the existing public space.
Source: Gorka Blas
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