Bio-Lake Reception Center design by Zephyr Architects

Bio-Lake Reception Center design by Zephyr Architects
header_logo%2520copy%2520copy.jpg (805×90) Architect: Zephyr Architects Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China Client: Bio-Lake Commission Gross Floor Area: 3,540 sqm Completion: 2010 Design Team: Fu Dong, Zhao Zhonggui, Yang Ching-Chi, Ding Junmei, Yu Tong Associate Architect: Wuhan Oule Photographs: Yao Li As the central piece of architecture for the Guanggu Bio-lake campus, this reception center houses exhibition space, conference rooms and administration offices. The building sits between a main plaza and central lake. In a comparatively small piece of land, the architecture seeks to have a strong symbolic character. In order to increase the overall impact of the architecture, the mass is treated as a sculpture in shape and texture. This site is surrounded by buildings with varying viewpoints of the main project. The multi-faceted box produces a façade of ever-changing viewpoints. The overall form and proportions of the building correspond to the program arrangement which includes a central atrium, models and media exhibition room, and ramps and stairs connecting different floors. The basic 6-sided volume is created from the merging and extruding of one small and one large square. The small square extends the height of the ground floor, emphasizing an upward verticality and allowing the volume to float. In addition to the six main faces, creation of the volume also produces a series of angled faces, located on the roof and cantilevered space. The window openings break up the solid shell and connects interior and exterior space. Textured beige stone is hung at 16° to follow the façade geometry, continuing the divisions and enveloping the entire volume, making the building more compact and strong. The architectural volume is like a powerful floating multi-faceted box, adapting to the surrounding while creating a dialogue with the water.
Source: Zephyr Architects
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