An eco-cube in Oslo, Norway design by A-lab

An eco-cube in Oslo, Norway design by A-lab
skumring_010.jpg (1000×667) 110310_PRINT6%2520large.jpg (800×657) TERASSE.jpg (1000×612) 1_Inclined%2520plane%2520constructed.jpg (800×606) 2_Cube%2520beeing%2520placed.jpg (800×598) 3_Social%2520zones.jpg (1000×629) 4_Program.jpg (1000×549) 5_Circulation.jpg (912×651) 6_Communication.jpg (912×622) 7_Green%2520rooms.jpg (1000×617) 8_Environment%2520-%2520double%2520facades.jpg (912×666) Ecological architecture at Økern, Oslo, Norway. A-lab is working on a design proposal for an eco-cube for the UNION group. The cube will be a pilot project for A-lab’s eco-BIM technology. The Økern area faces significant changes in the near future and is being developed as a new destination in Oslo. The new Økern center brings shopping, culture and housing to the area. Lørenveien 68 will function as a broker between the new Økern center and Løren’s established residential area. The different height levels of the site is used to generate a tilted surface. The Cube is set into this surface, and the volume under it is used for parking and technical functions. The surface is distorted by different entrances and skylights The office volume is responsive to the varying character of the surroundings, creating social zones where there are good sunlight conditions or spectacular views over the city centre. The social zones are programmed with a meeting center, cafeteria, terrace for relaxation, recreation, and sports. The social zones punctuate an atrium that penetrates the entire office building. Here arises a social venue for employees. The building “breathes” through the green buffer zones located between the façade and atrium. These green zones unite the building’s social zones with the building’s environmental principles – compact building, natural ventilation, double facade and thermal mass.
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