New Flagship Store for Poliform in Bahrain

New Flagship Store for Poliform in Bahrain
Italian furniture manufacturer Poliform have recently opened a new flagship store in Bahrain.
Description from Poliform:
Poliform has celebrated the recent opening of the new flagship store in Bahrain, giving evidence to the consolidated roots of the brand in the Arabian market. The building rises in Palm Square, a white cube immersed in the middle of the square, cut out with wide windows that offer an insight into high-end solutions to all interiors needs: day systems, bedrooms, walk-in-closets and kitchens able to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. Commitment to quality, ability to interpret contemporary lifestyle trends and a flair for understanding the needs of its global clientele are the characteristics that make Poliform one of the worldwide leader in the design furniture sector. What makes the brand unique is the great ability in customizing the products according to Client’s taste, who is followed in the entire realization of a custom-made Home-project.
Poliform and Varenna, synonymous of high design and elegance, reconfirm themselves the leading Company of the sector in a geographic area renowned for its research of luxury and made-in-Italy quality.
Visit the Poliform website – here.
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