vincent callebaut architectures: physalia - amphibious garden to clean waterways

vincent callebaut architectures: physalia - amphibious garden to clean waterways
physalia - floating agora all images courtesy of vincent callebaut architecturesvincent callebaut architectures have designed 'physalia', an architectural prototype of an amphibious garden - a floating agora which is meant to clean waterways in europe. the project aims to meet the needs of maintaining a sustainable management of water resources.east elevationeast elevationpotential locations for the physalia: letna, prague the roof of the structure contains a double pneumatic membrane chiseled with smooth photovoltaic solar cells. under the hull, hydro-turbines transform the energy of the fluvial stream into hydro-electricity. the surface of the vessel is made from an aluminum covering which covers the multi-hull steel structure. the silver-plated dress is covered by a TiO2 layer of anatase shapes that when reacting to ultraviolet rays, reduces water pollution. in addition to being a self-cleaning vessel, it can absorb and recycle by photo-catalytic effect. physalia is crossed in its double hull by a hydraulic network that filters the fluvial water and purifies it biologically thanks to its planted roof. the interior is divided into four thematic gardens: water, fire, earth, air. green roof of phytopurification and photovoltaic pneumatic lens steel hull construction and aluminum superstructure with view of the air garden interior scenography - view of the water garden and earth garden profile inside view of the air garden view of physalia's deck thames, london seine, paris seine, paris physale - starting point of the structure's form longitudinal section level of the air garden cross section diagrams and bionic transposition of bio-luminescent pneumatophorous
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