House Lam by Nico van der Meulen Architects

House Lam by Nico van der Meulen Architects
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hl_030811_03-940x708.jpg (940×708) hl_030811_02-940x626.jpg (940×626) hl_030811_01-940x401.jpg (940×401) hl_030811_08-940x626.jpg (940×626) hl_030811_04.jpg (1200×800) hl_030811_05.jpg (1200×800) hl_030811_09-940x626.jpg (940×626) hl_030811_10-940x626.jpg (940×626) hl_030811_12-940x626.jpg (940×626) hl_030811_07-940x552.jpg (940×552) hl_030811_14.jpg (893×1250) hl_030811_06.jpg (893×1250) hl_030811_11-940x626.jpg (940×626) hl_030811_13.jpg (893×1250) hl_030811_15.jpg (895×1250) Nico van der Meulen Architects have designed a remodel of a 1950′s house in Bedfordview, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. Description from the architects: The original house was north-facing, but on an extremely limited level platform: The site has a five storey fall from the south-east to the north- west corner. Werner van der Meulen  designed the infinity edge pool to extend over the steep fall, placing it on a single 3m diameter column, cantilevering nearly six metres.  He created a massive rock clad wall which bisects the building on a north-south axis, then transforms into a huge red-painted beam which helps to support the lanai roof. Frameless stacking doors fold away to create a seamless indoor/outdoor sensation, with the pool jutting into the living area with the doors open. The original foot print area was extended to create extra garages and a new first floor added , which houses three suites, a pyjama lounge and a kid’s study. Staff accommodation was placed on top of the new garage. The original two kids bedrooms became a study, and the original main suite a guest suite. The ground floor living space was gutted, and a large open plan, partially double volume living space housing the family room, dining room, kitchen and ancillary spaces created. A new 6x13meter lanai next to the pool was added on the only piece of usable land on the north side , growing out of the mountain, with spectacular views to the north and west. The original cellar was retained as a wine cellar and a home theatre with views into the pool. Visit the Nico van der Meulen Architects website – here. Interior design by M Square Lifestyle Design Photography by David Ross, Barry Goldman and Nico van der Meulen.
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