WRNS studio: mission bay parking, san francisco, california

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mission bay parking block 27, san francisco, california by WRNS studio

located within san francisco’s mission bay redevelopment zone, this new parking
structure by american WRNS studio serves adjacent laboratories and offices with
1,420 spaces on seven elevated levels. the north and east facades, which face public
open space, are clad in perforated aluminum panels with pixelated imagery of california’s
redwood forests, intended to evoke the filigree of adjacent tree canopies and create
a sense of pedestrian scale. the south elevation, which faces a heavily trafficked street,
incorporates a steeply canted plaster wall designed to engage sunlight and shadow,
creating interest across the façade. the ground level is recessed along the south and east
elevations, offering a covered pedestrian walkway. this strategy also lightens the overall
building mass, making the aluminum panels and the plaster wall appear to hover above
the ground.

the primary pedestrian access point is located at the building’s northeast corner.
a canted plaster box at the upper levels of this corner provide places for people to take
in views of the surrounding parks, while creating a distinctive presence as seen from
the public open spaces.

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