visiondivision: hill hut

visiondivision was commissioned to design ‘hill hut’, an extension to a villa for two children
in a picturesque lake setting in southern stockholm. the nature surrounding the plot of land,
and the fact that the house was to be occupied by two kids were the starting points for the design.
instead of constructing a house made from expensive materials and detailing, they wanted to utilize
their budget to create a more playful architecture. they did so by enhancing the elements
of the landscape. being a kid in sweden, means you will spend a lot of time in the
outside environment, immersed in nature. visiondivision wanted to give the two kids,
a safe base where they could fully explore their new surroundings and be able to appreciate
it to the fullest.

the interior of the hill hut
image by clive jenkins

to create a steady foundation for the new house, large mases of earth were taken away
and used to create a hill, enhanced with different elements such as an outdoor cinema
and a sledge slope. a carpet of artificial grass connects seamlessly with the natural grass
on the hill and enters via the terrace to the living room between the two children’s room.
a custom-made grass sofa, and some grassy knolls which also function as lighting.
the artificial hills can be moved around and be put outside as well. there are two large glass doors
on both sides of the room, giving the impression that nature moves through the house.
the effect is even more apparent when the doors are fully open. the carpet of artificial grass
continues out on to the other terrace as well as the hallway, stopping just before the old house.

the entrance to the new house is through a removed bay window which connects to the
old building. the hallway which leads to the oiginal part of the house slopes because of the
difference in heights of the two homes, making the transition from traditional swedish house
down to the new, more ‘playful’ one. the children’s rooms are almost as two separate units
with the landscape between and around them. the house itself follows the municipality’s
different regulations such as a pointed roof. white corrugated metal sheeting which looks
like wood from a distance is used on the exterior walls and roof of the house, to give an overall
consistent aesthetic.

the interior is covered in artificial grass and movable grassy hills
image by clive jenkins

the large open windows make nature seem as if it is running into the house
image by clive jenkins

exterior view
image by clive jenkins

the hill hut is built into an artificial hill surrounded by natural hills and landscape
image by clive jenkins

view of house built into the hill
image by clive jenkins

the excavations left a big void under the house, affording room to construct two secret caves
within this space. made from concrete, one cave is directed to a lush grass knoll that leads
down to the lake and is disguised with artificial grass to blend in. the other cave is pointed
towards a patch of forest and is left in its raw concrete. the caves are accessible both from
outside and from the children’s room by hatches in the floor.

inside one of the caves
image by clive jenkins

the outdoor cinema has six chairs that are inserted in a concrete foundation in the sloping hill.
a screen is set-up between two trees that also have two speakers disguised as bird houses
for the cinema.

the outdoor cinema is built into the artificial hill
image by clive jenkins

the outdoor cinema has six chairs that are inserted in a concrete foundation in the sloping hill.
a screen is set-up between two trees that also have two speakers, disguised as bird houses
for the cinema.

graphice of natural and artificial space

navigational routes

renderings of the house’s construction

renderings of the house’s construction

aerial view of the plot

component details

floor plan

project details:
architects: visiondivision
location: stockholm
design team: anders berensson & ulf mejergren
construction year: 2009
project area: 55m2
photographs: clive jenkins

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