Tribal DDB Office design by i29 Interior Architects

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Tribal DDB Amsterdam is a highly ranked digital marketing agency and part of DDB international, worldwide one of the largest advertising offices. i29 interior architects designed their new offices for about 80 people.

Our goal was to create an environment where creative interaction is supported and to achieve as much workplaces as possible in the new structure with flexible offices and large open spaces.

i29 searched for solutions to various problems which could be addressed by one grand gesture. At first a material which could be an alternative to the ceiling system, but also to cover and integrate structural parts. Acoustics became a very important item, as the open spaces for stimulating creative interaction and optimal usage of space where required. This led us to the use of fabrics. It is perfect for absorbing sound and therefore it creates privacy in an open space. From felt we made ceiling, walls, furniture and lamps.

Design: i29 Interior Architects

Clien: Tribal DDB

Location: Amsterdam

Source:   i29 Interior Architects
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