‘The Whale’ residential complex, Amsterdam design by de Architekten Cie

client: development company New Deal bv, Amsterdam
programme: 150 social housing , 64 private housing to rent, 1.100 m2 business accomodation, 179 parking spaces
architect: Frits van Dongen
project team: A. Mout, P. Puljiz, F. Veerman, R. Konijn, J. Molenaar, A. Moreno, W. Bartels
landscape designer: Adriaan Geuze, West 8 Landscape architects bv, Rotterdam
contractor: Heijmans Bouw, Almere Stad
structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Haarlem
date of commission: 1995
date of construction: 1998 – 2000
gross surface: 35.800 m2
volume: 100.900 m3

The scale, the angular forms and the zinc façade of ‘The Whale’ residential complex have won it an iconic status in the redeveloped harbour district. It contrasts with the surroundings of low-rise dwellings like a ‘meteorite’ fallen from the skies. The building harbours a great variety of housing and spatial typologies. The block contains a total of 214 apartments, commercial space, a semi-public interior courtyard and an underground car park. The striking sculptural form with its angled top and underbelly ensures that all the dwellings and the courtyard garden enjoy sufficient sunlight, fresh air and open views and generates the requisite variation in housing types. “http://www1.cie.nl

Source: http://www1.cie.nl
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