The NIK Building by Ate­lier Thomas Pucher & Alfred Bram­berger

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Ate­lier Thomas Pucher & Alfred Bram­berger have designed the NIK Building in Graz, Austria.

The NIK Building by Ate­lier Thomas Pucher & Alfred Bram­berger

Nikolaiplatz as it stands today was a process of conversional development which took its shape over a period of time. While the architectural style (as well as the desired building density) changed, the site layout remained stably constant. Due to the growing density in the immediate surroundings of the area, the requirements of a building on that site had to be adjusted over time. Today the heterogeneous urbanistic situation requires a boundary of space on one side –  towards Nikolaiplatz–, and a significant free standing form on the other side – towards Entenplatz. Due to the very complex urban planning, technical and economical requirements we designed a building, that is calm and reduced, but at the same time a dominating aesthetic solitaire. This building becomes a sculpture through its simplicity.

Based on the clear steel framed structure with light weight wall panels, a multifaceted playful facade with clear vertical alignments appears. The closed elements on the façade have a gold glimmering appearance and can accommodate shelves or archives on the interior. The height of the building adapts with the surrounding buildings and mediates between a high -density area and an open space.

Design Company: Atelier Thomas Pucher & Bramberger [Architects]

Designer: Thomas Pucher, Alfred Bramberger, Martin Mathy, Maria Richter-Trummer, Hans Waldhör, Ingmar Zwirn, David Klemmer, Christof Schermann, Boris Murnig, Sahar Arjomand Bigdely, Thomas Zach

Location: Graz, Austria

Area: 1.400 m² GFA

Photographer: Andreas Buchberger – Vienna, Austria

  • Source: Atelier Thomas Pucher & Bramberger
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