The Elysium 169 House by BVN Architecture

BVN Architecture have designed the Elysium 169 House in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

The Elysium 169 House by BVN Architecture

This house was designed as a part of the 189 house Elysium Noosa development.

This generous and open house celebrates its wonderful location on the edge of an environmental park overlooking Lake Weyba. The sculptured modernist expression of its white washed walls and deeply carved recesses combine with thesoftening effects of finely detailed timber screens and natural finishes for a sense of contemporary elegance and refinedunderstatement.

The interplay of natural textured surfaces and abundant natural light contribute to the rich and luxurious tropical characterof the dwelling. The careful planning arrangement enables a sense of openness and connectivity with the adjacent pooland natural garden setting.

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