Terrasson’s Library design by Architecture Patrick Mauger

Location: Terrasson-Lavilledieu, France
Area: 1,932 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Michel Denancé
Structure: OTCE
Acoustic: Synesthésie Acoustique
Economist: Charanton Laurent
Budget: 2,300,000 €

The aim of the new multimedia library in Terrasson, built at the same time as the Maison du Temps Libre, is to provide the town with a new boost to its cultural life.

An innovative cultural and intergenerational complex has seen the light of day. The Architecture Patrick Mauger agency had sought to create a new landscape in the town. The stainless steel clad, slender building integrates a sustainable development approach, with pine trees creating constant shading of the façades most exposed to the sun resulting in a reduced need for air conditioning.

A green roof, a rainwater recuperation system to irrigate the landscaped spaces and energy-saving luminaires are just some of the measures taken to meet the building’s environmental standards. This new 700 m², two-level multimedia library has 19,000 documents and 2,600 CDs and DVDs.

The ground floor contains the reception, a daily and periodical press area and the multimedia space. The entrance hall can be used for temporary exhibitions. The upper floor contains the adult and youth spaces as well the image and sound libraries.

The use of materials such as polished concrete for the floor and steel for the external façade creates a modern, bright and functional space. The inside of the building is provided with comfortable installations. Lounge chairs, pouffes and other types of furniture have been specifically laid out to create a cosy, friendly atmosphere. The construction of the multimedia library, alongside that of the Maison du Temps Libre, provides a new lease of life in this developing district and encourages cultural, educational, social and family events.

Source: Architecture Patrick Mauger/ Michel Denancé
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