studios architecture: earthsmart hub

earthsmart hub by studios architecture
image courtesy studios architecture studios architecture designed a space that aims to encapsulate the company – earth’ smart mission.
a monumental folded section serves as an organizational device for the numerous
functions. the plane of the north sidewalk flows directly into the building as an entry apron,
sweeps vertically 5 storeys to the roof level where it once again levels out toward the south
horizon.  the animated elements hovering north of this fold are assembly spaces, which
activate the street exposure.  the functions requiring larger flexible floor plates are located
to the south ‘under’ the fold.  in the southwest corner, a portion of an existing masonry
building will be retained to serve as a mock up for the installation of environmental products.
the central void between the north and south hemispheres is a full height atrium that is spanned
by pedestrian bridges. all of the program elements open onto this central heart, which also
serves as the stack effect ‘chimney’ to augment perimeter natural ventilation. the folded plane
also provides a surface for two innovative sustainable elements. on the east end a landscaped garden
serves as exterior seating for the ground floor café. the vegetation runs past the side entry up
the sloping vertical surface and then covers most of the roof, mitigating storm water runoff
and solar heat gain. on the west end, a water wall descends five stories in front of fresh air intake
fans, providing low-energy evaporative cooling to the spaces opening onto the atrium.

Source: designboom

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