studio job: iconic facades

studio job has designed and produced more than 50 compositions of ornamental reliefs
which have been casted in concrete tableaux and integrated into the facades of a
new five building complex, in amsterdam. the tableaux cover-up to 800m2 (24 000 ft2).
for this project we have chosen a universal iconography that appeals to the
multicultural background of this specific block. in floral ornaments you can see
petrified flower boxes while the animal tableaux can make you think of
the arch of noah. other ornaments picture machines, clockworks and sports,
referring to the imagery of socialism. sometimes the ornaments are very classical
and strict, in other cases it seems as if everything has been thrown on a chaotic heap.
‘ – SJ

project credits:
commissioned by far west / urban district slotervaart amsterdam
consultancy kunst en bedrijf
architect köther salman koedijk architecten
photography by jannes linders
location jatopa, corner of jan tooropstraat and jan evertsenstraat, amsterdam

some of the iconography includes a recorder, paper clips, industrial tools, horseshoes and dragon flies

how the ornamental relief appears on the facade

hummingbirds, helicopters, clouds, airplanes, stars…

syringes, wine glasses, dice, safety pins, bananas, dog bones…

butterflies and insects

centipedes and spiders…

basket-ball, pretzels, cars, tennis balls, forks…

detail of the relief

source: designboom

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