smolenicky and partner architecture: tamina thermal baths, bad ragaz

photo © roland bernath

tamina thermal baths, bad ragaz by smolenicky and partner architecture
photo © roland bernath
all images courtesy smolenicky and partner architecture

swiss firm smolenicky and partner architecture designed tamina thermal baths for
the grand resort, bad ragaz, an area in switzerland which is known for its famous
natural springs.

instead of being freestanding, the form of the building volume emerges from the enclosing
of exterior spaces. in the area of the open-air baths, for instance, the volume of the building
is stepped back and opens out the sunbathing lawn to the wooded slopes of the mountain
ridge. the view extends past the existing buildings, screened by newly planted groups
of trees.

the main entrance to the thermal baths, the spa spring hall, is set on the visual axis of
the cul-de-sac in order, from the main road, to mark its presence in the depth of the site as
a public facility.

the building volume has a monumental character, in order to stand out as an institution equal
to the other buildings in the resort.

materially the project possesses the same apearance externally and internally. the snow-white
timber battens are carried over internally as wall surfacing – so there is no definite division
between the two.

the predominant landscaped, park-like atmosphere remains intact despite the compact
manner of building. thus the resort remains characterized by its park.

roof detail of entrance area
photo smolenicky and partner

photo © walter mair

passage to treatment area
photo © roland bernath

entrance area
photo © roland bernath

inside the thermal pool area
photo © walter mair

most of the pillars have a pedestal that functions as a bench
photo © walter mair

photo © roland bernath

detail of pillar with bench
photo © roland bernath

photo © roland bernath

photo © roland bernath

exterior view at night with existing pool
photo © roland bernath

ticket hall
photo © roland bernath

site plan

project details
building dimensions – length 95m, width 75m, height 20m
site area – 6,789m2
construction area – 3,535 m2
storey areas – 10,306 m2
construction volume acc. SIA 416 – 41,656 m3
investment costs – SFr. 41 million, of which SFr. 10 million in timberwork
construction costs (building cost classification 2/m3) – SFr. 865/m3
timber use – 2,000 m3, corresponding to 2,200 fir-trees (regenerated in 2 ½ hours in switzerland)
no. of interior and exterior supports – 115
no. of wall elements – 43
no. of acoustic elements – 196

smolenicky and partner architecture
architect: joseph smolenicky
project manager: philipp röthlisberger
contributors: simon krähenbühl, petr michalek, juan carlos smolenicky muñoz

timberwork: blumer-lehmann AG, gossau SG
heating, cooling, plumbing and sanitary installation: kannewischer engineering office AG, zug
general contractor: HRS real estate AG, frauenfeld

project info:
site area – 2,259m2
construction area – 873m2
storey area – 837m2
building volume acc. SIA 416 – 24,198m3
investment costs – SFr. 45 million

Source:  designboom

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