Shikoku House – design by Suppose design office

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House in Saijo

Design: Suppose design office, architects

Location: Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, southeast Japan

Photos: Toshiyuki Yano

House in Saijo

When I always create , I think that I want to find the charm of the that plan.

A client is a couple with three children hoped there are bright openhearted space, and keeping the privacy. This site is a field before, and bearing stratum is in the minus one meter from the ground side the

Therefore,we thought support according to the composition of not the ground improvement. but a half underground from the beginning of the plan.

The leftover soil by excavating the ground was used to making the hill, that thing is enabled the function of the garden on the exterior and guard their privacy from, house’s neighborhood.The upper floors than a half underground are composed by only the pyrami-shaped roof, the lighting was taked in the skylight. The bright openhearted space of a undergound and first floor of feeling the calm, and the second floor with which light is filled while closing.

Each floor was connected by the hole made for the center of the floor, and they were able to materialize to become the various property.

House in Saijo – Building Information

Location: Saijo, Japan
Project Name: House in Saijo
Architects(firm): suppose design office
Principal Architects: Makoto Tanijiri
Structural Engineering: Kenji Nawa/Nawakenjim
Contractor: client
Character of Space: Modern pit dwelling
Client: a couple and three children
Occupation of the Client: informal information
Age of the Client: informal information
Each Floor Area: basement floor – 50.41 sqm
First floor: 42.27 sqm Second floor – 25.30 sqm
Total Floor Area: 117.99 sqm
Building Area: 50.41 sqm
Site Area: 246 sqm
Principal Materials: Steel Structure
Principal Structure: Steel structure, two story + one basement floor
Location: Higashi-Hiroshima city, Hiroshima, JAPAN
Cost: informal information
Photographs: Mr. Toshiyuki Yano [Nacasa&Partners Inc.]

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