sanjay puri architects: offices’ 63 – best commercial future project at WAF 2010

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‘offices’ 63′ by sanjay puri architects
all images courtesy sanjay puri architects

‘offices’ 63′ by mumbai-based studio sanjay puri architects is the winning design of
the future commercial projects category at this year’s world architecture festival,
held in barcelona, spain.  located in a rapidly growing new commercial centre,
the development consists of office spaces that are individual in identity with interior
and exterior integration.

view from the garden

resembling lego pieces plugged together, the design features five wings of office spaces
that gradually diminish in height from the south-west corner to the south-east corner.
a large overhang and differing lengths of individual modules offer self-shading elements
as well as a 1.7 acre landscaped garden along the north side of the site. the southern face
of the building houses the service areas and is shielded by a perforated screen to minimize heat gain.

pool in garden space

the office spaces that move in and out along the depth of the building create an outdoor
terrace space for each module. a line of retail opportunities occupy the main road facade
which simultaneously shields the garden area from the noise and pollution generated by the traffic.

night view

site plan

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