Salt Tower design by Enforma + AIM Studio

Architects: EnformaAIM Studio
Location: Budva, Montenegro
Team: Enforma – Nikola Novaković, Slobodan Jović, Radovan Radoman; AIM Studio – Ivan Milošević
Clients: Monterra Montenegro d.o.o. , MCG d.o.o.
Total Constructed Gross Area: 6095.24 m2
Project Year: 2012

The aim of Enforma and AIM Studio in their design of the Salt Tower, located in Budva,Montenegro, was to carefully analyze the specific location and the possibilities that this place offers to the users. Inspired by the old town of Budva, while integrating energy efficient strategies, their transformation from rectangular form to a tall crystal grain reflective structure on the Mediterranean coast justifies the project’s name. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Planning and designing buildings, in areas such as Budva, are almost always driven by clear guidelines that were established during the long and rich history. The subject area has many of high-quality surroundings aspects and views, like the old town, the island Sv. Nicola and the sea horizon. Therefore, making an architectural structure, on this location, has to be directed towards these benefits with an adequate response to the overall context.

During designing process, architects should be open, and let the qualities we offer and get from environment, properly mesh. That is followed by the idea that became as functional division of property into commercial and residential areas. This classification is defined by directing ground floor and mezzanine inward what makes that space introverted, while the floors above are extroverted and open to the environment. With cuts in upper and lower zone of the building, this concept is reflected on the form of entire building.

This procedure leads to the contours, which flows into forming cascades and terraces, overlooking the old town of Budva. The building form made by this approach has a basis in the historical heritage of Montenegro, which refers to the recognition of the typical one slope roof houses in Pastrovici village, as well as its orientation. The organization of the lower floors is inspired by the dynamic of ambient characterized with the old town of Budva, so the result is playful matrix of ground floor. The need to revive this level, produced an ambient in which interior and exterior are overlapped. The purpose of these areas is related to the business, such as restaurant, bank, kindergarten … In this zone is located Spa center which offer various possibilities of recreation such as aerobics, gym, massages, saunas and swimming pool. The use of these facilities is intended to residents, and other visitors, what makes these SPA center and this investment justified and economically feasible.

This building is designed as a condominium and energy efficient object, which offers to residents full comfort and security, with a high technology equipment as smart home systems, solar panels, PV panels, natural ventilation system, etc. This condominium can also offer for apartment users a reception, spa center, kindergarten, 81 parking place, green gardens, etc. One of the main aspects which improve a quality of this building is the organization of the 95% of the apartments towards the south side, Old town and sea horizon. Most of the apartments have a both output to the south and north side.

References: EnformaAIM Studio
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