peddle thorp architects: fluid – amphibian pavilion

‘fluid’ – the amphibian pavilion

peddle thorpe architects‘(PTA) submission for the thematic pavilion of the world expo 2012
in yeosu, korea is resolved as a vessel – a floating exhibition space that can be sailed to other cities.
it represents an evolution of architecture – a futuristic adaptable living building that can adjust to
the unknowable future, encouraging multidisciplinary problem solving through sustainable solutions.

the overall concept presents a schematic design which is alive, adaptive and reactive
to its oceanic environments. anchored to the coastline as if a living organism, rising and falling
with the tides, the pavilion illustrates the bond and interdependence of the ocean with its
coastal eco system. the architectural form draws on the contours and fluidity of oceanic organisms,
presenting a new paradigm of living architecture.

yeosu is an emerging city, and this piece of architecture can be seen as the vessel to carry
the metaphor of change like an ark to the new world, sending a positive message to future generations,
and offering a platform for people to collaborate and create. the idea is that sustainability
and conservation would run through the design approach. with its open interior,
the pavilion could continued use of the pavilion with the ability to host a range of events even
after the world expo has finished. the design which was developed by antoine damery for PTA,
will promote dialogue and encourage collaboration between asia pacific countries about the
importance of the preservation of oceans and ecosystems.

aerial view

the interior’s open space would allow adaptability to various events and programs


structural component diagrams

map of possible routes and destinations the pavilion could travel to

harbour view

source: designboom

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