paul de ruiter architects: erasmus university student pavilion

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‘erasmus university student pavilion’ by paul de ruiter architects in rotterdam, the netherlands
all images courtesy paul de ruiter architects

amsterdam-based office paul de ruiter architects has sent us images of
their competition entry for the design of erasmus university’s student pavilion
in rotterdam, the netherlands. to serve as a place to meet, relax, and study,
the project is intended to serve as an architectural icon at the heart of the campus
while remaining energy neutral in its operation.

using the sun’s light and energy as a point of departure, the pavilion is a transparent
structure with full glass facade. the roof, which features a system of intelligent solar panels,
allows natural light to filter throughout the entire interior. careful consideration for
the orientation and placement of the skylights ensure that direct sunlighting and
overheating are avoided. other sustainable applications include a geothermal heat pump,
a thermally active concrete core, and minimal use of materials.

atrium view

the layout of the building is designed with maximum flexibility in mind.
revolving around a concentric atrium, the pavilion a cafe, a presentation theatre,
study corners, and general meeting areas.


rendered night view


site plan

floor plan / level -2

floor plan / level -1

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +1

section / magic arrow diagram

east elevation

west elevation

north elevation

south elevation

exploded axo – different composition
(from left to right) daily use, erasmus university’s 100 year anniversary, film/music/theater program

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