NL architects: black meadow

black meadow – cerna louka urban design competition proposal by NL architects
all images courtesy NL architects

the city of ostrava is bidding to become the 2015 cultural capital of europe. ostrava organized
a competition to express its ambitions to catalyze cultural development and urban transformation.
NL architects
received a special mention for their entry, which they have sent in.

the proposal included designs for a concert hall, an exhibition hall, a center for modern music,
a school (pre, primary and secondary), a creative incubator combined with a school of arts
management, and residential buildings.

aerial view of the site

the site has tremendous potential. cerna louka or black meadow is located next to the river,
in-between the historic center and massive projected urban developments, black meadow
will play a pivotal role in reinforcing the magnetism of ostrava.

it offers an opportunity to experiment with a new type of park; an urban park, a park that
combines lush greenery with real urban substance. it perhaps could serve as a model of
a new type of city.

site plan

the fringe of the historic center is now rather blurry, undefined. there is an opportunity to
insert extra program, houses, maybe offices and shops, to ‘repair’ the boundary. reinforcing
the edge of the old city will create a clear distinction between the density of the old and the
‘lightness’ of the new urban park.

all new buildings will be kept modest in size. heavy clustering should be avoided. sometimes
functions will be split to reduce their size, to keep the continuity of the park and to enhance
the use of the park.

section of the park

single sided perpendicular parking is a very friendly way to park, the impact is modest.
sweeping curves now and then bend into the park to reach the functions, to create a drop
off or pick up. the continuity of the lane with parked cars only on one side enhances overview.
the path is elegant, the car no longer intrusive.

the concert hall

NL architects propose to insert a bunch of mini towers. they can contain stacked studios
for artists, residential units and student housing. the super slender towers with minimal footprint
and considerable height can activate the park. one apartment per floor will offer unprecedented
panoramic views: insanely glamorous.

the concert hall

the project contains a catalogue of possible ‘ingredients’ for the new urban park. the proposed
strategy is flexible. during the design process, alterations can be made easily, new contributions
can be inserted, buildings can be exchanged, programs can be adjusted according to more
specific requirements and still the overall approach will remain intact.

the river

section of the park

section of the park

exhibition hall A


bicycle path

inside the towers

concert hall

exhibition hall A

first exhibition hall

modern music building

waldorf kindergarten

waldorf elementary school

waldorf secondary school

multipurpose hall

sports hall

SDFKACM – school diner formerly known as city market

creative incubator


slender towers

  • Source: designboom
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