New Liverpool Architecture – design by 3XN, Denmark

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Museum of Liverpool Building

Mann Island site, central Liverpool, England, UK

on site

3 x Nielsen Architects – 3XN

Address: Mann Island, Liverpool
Client: National Museums Liverpool
Invited competition: 2004, 1st prize
Construction period: 2005-11
Size: 12.500 m2
Budget: DKK 715 mio. / € 95 mio / $ 125 mio / £ 65 mio
Architect: 3XN Kim Herforth Nielsen, Bo Boje Larsen, Kim Christiansen
Architect, landscape: Schønherr landscape architects
Engineer: Buro Happold
Awards: Miami Bienal 2006 Silver Medal

The 3XN winning proposal for a new British national museum; the Museum of Liverpool, envisions a dynamic, open and democratic structure that grows out of the chosen site.

Museum of Liverpool is to be built at the city’s most prominent site; the listed dock area by the River Mersey, next to ‘The Three Graces’. The Liverpool Docks were inscribed at UNESCO’s World Heritage List last year. The building is conceived as inclined or elevated platforms, gradually forming a sculptural iconic structure. All surfaces will be accessible; giving way to the public promenade flow along the Docks.

Situated at the Pier Head, the museum will be visible from both the river and the city.

The Museum of Liverpool will become the World’s leading city historic museum, and the first national museum to display popular culture and tackle social history in all its complexity.

Hope is that the new museum will attract at least 750.000 visitors on a yearly basis, and that Liverpool, with the Museum as a lighthouse, can be resurrected to new grand times, and that the visionary building will attract creative forces, generate new agendas and along the way create a new and attractive image for the city.

The museum will be an icon. The city has been selected for European Capital of Culture 2008, in which the new museum will be a focal point. Consequently, the museum must be built in record speed to be able open the first phase of the museum October 2008. After the Capital of Culture Year, the Exhibition construction continues, and the museum must

Northwest Regional Development Agency announced a grant in Apr 2006 of £32.7m to support the development of the Museum of Liverpool
Planning Permission granted Dec 2005
Due on site Jul 2006 with completion by 2008, exhibition fit-out by 2009/10
3XN removed from this project Nov 2007

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