Nerva Theatre design by Enrique Abascal García

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COMPLETE NAME: Reina Victoria Theatre-Cinema
SITUATION: Reina Victoria square. Nerva (Huelva)
ARCHITECT: Enrique Abascal Arquitectos
COMPLETE NAME OF THE AUTHOR: Enrique Abascal García (3/10/1953)
Office: Néstor González, Óscar Navarro, Fernando Infante, Manuel Falcón
Instalations: Antonio Lastres García-Testón, Samuel Domínguez Amarillo
Acoustic: Juan José Sendras-IUCC Seville
Estructures: FHECOR ingenieros-Javier León
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Antonio Lastres García-Testón
PROMOTER/OWNER: Dirección General de Arquitectura. Consejería de Obras públicas y Vivienda. Consejería de Cultura. Junta de Andalucía
Basic project: DECEMBER 1997
Execution project: OCTOBER 1998
End of work: 6 FEBRERO 2010
TOTAL BUDGET (EUROS): 3.052.925,76
BUDGET/M2: 850,78 euros
BUILT AREA: 3588,35 m2

Nerva, north of the province of Huelva, in the Tinto River basin, was born to host the mining. The construction of a building of its type (theater/cinema) is the most important event for the whole city. What is even more in the case of Nerva, with a long tradition in using this kind of cultural space, becoming to leading collective activities. The transformation of an area of the city abandoned promoted by the construction of a public building, carries with it the spatial and social transformation of the city and relationships.

The building is thought from a design capable of providing a maximum level of use: combining various activities and makes them compatible, collect and separate the various uses, offering a multidisciplinary container.

The building is organized from the ground floor basically on two levels. Ground floor with entrances (Main Park), hall and support spaces (dressing rooms, technical area (pit stage and orchestra pit); first floor, lobby, main hall, stage, rehearsal room and an extension (second floor) where you can access the amphitheater of the room. Spaces are placed up technical and audio-video booth, lighting galleries and service spaces and facilities comb. They have three bays, one central and two smaller side absorbing longitudinal movements, and a lower height bay on the west side townhouse, which is the gallery of the park and the relationship with him. The tense final volume arises from the interpretation and management of the proposed program, accusing the various heights of the spaces, withdrawal on the ground floor of the proposed porch and no longitudinal symmetry denotes the position of the gallery, orienting the building.

Source: Enrique Abascal Arquitectos
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