Minimalist Japanese Interior Designed by Jun Igarashi Architects

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If you are asking me my philosophy of interior then my answer will be an interior that’s simple, easy to clean, not to wide, just enough for me to lay down my feet, enjoy the hot tea and a lovely honest and not too demanding wife where we can share the ups and down together. The interior doesn’t need to be modern, minimalist design, or even luxurious interior one, my interior philosophy is simplicity and purity.

Talking about my interior philosophy design then this ‘layered house’ by jun igarashi architects, seems to accommodate my dream of what’s called simplicity and purity. I can’t avoid to say to you that there a huge amount of minimalism given at this interior, but it’s not the minimalism that will caught both you (dear mod, read: “mode” readers) and me at this two storey dwelling for a family of four house.

The simple interior design, the serene atmosphere is the main attention at this house. With the living room facing south where you will find a small original Japanese garden emphasize the feeling of purity. The vibrancy of simplicity becomes stronger as good materials of wood also chosen at this house and it merits additional accentuation. The color of the walls are white without any ornaments attached along them giving them clean look which is what I wanted most out of my future house. So what’s your philosophy of interior?

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