mederu auto repair shop design by future-scape architects

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Location : Nigata-city, Nigata, Japan

Architect : Daigo Ishii + future-scape architects

Structure Engineer : Oga Structure Design Office

Mechanical Engineer : Mai Mechanical Design Office

Cooperation : Hiroyuki Kato, Rieko Tanaka, Arata Tamura, Apartment

Furniture : ApartmentTendo PLY

It locates in Nigata as one of the big city in Japan. In this car repair factory, clients can also repair by oneself.

In the suburb of Nigata, the majority of architecture are classified in the type with strong color and fanciful form or other type which is monotonous and is finished with grey or beige color. We designed the architecture so that it would not be involved in the fancifulness competition but different from the monotonous type.

The way for realizing it was reversing the design methodology of usual suburbian architecture. According to the accumulation of small gaps between the ususal architecture, it creates the sence somewhat different from the surroundings.

The box form was a minimum size for getting the certification according to the regulation of the repair factory. It brings a functional form adequate to suburb.

Unlike the usual architecture, in this factory, the opening reflects the state of the exterior. Each appearance of the exterior, the height, way of devision, sash type are decided according to the state of each side. The gap of each side encounters at the corner of the wall.

In the usual suburbian architecture, the interior is finished in monotonous colors such as white or beige. While, this factory uses the strong color as a reverse. The interior colors changed from orange to light blue at the glass screen in the center. When they pass the changing point, they are always conscious of the reverse.

The factory is managed by few staffs. The wall opened radiately from the lounge to the outdoor coin wash space so that the staff could take charge from the lounge. The space between radiated walls is a waiting space. Both side are finished in mirror so that it would reflect a part of the coin wash space within dead angale.

By the effect of the mirror, in the waiting space, the real image and the virtual image of exterior and color encounter. The waiting space becomes a pivot part of the factory.

Source: future-scape architects
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header_logo%2520copy%2520copy.jpg (805×90)