jaja architects: cornerstone

‘cornerstone’ by jaja architects in vanlose, copenhagen, denmark
all images courtesy of jaja architects

young danish firm jaja architects has won a design competition for a 6,800 m2 mixed-use
building in vanløse, denmark. located just on the outskirts of the center, the new office
and shopping complex will act as an important gateway to the core of the city.

the site is programmatically fragmented and diverse: small single-family homes stand next
to large apartment blocks, and construction sites for future shopping malls and high rises
are well underway. within this context, the design of ‘cornerstone’ was not to blend in to its
environment but to become an iconic, public landmark that invites the residents in to utilize
the public spaces provided. the project features a large open plaza leading up to the entrance,
a wide staircase under the peeled-up cantilever that provides seating, and an outdoor space
at the back on a raised building base.

‘cornerstone’ is expected to be completed in 2011-12.

plaza entrance

public space underneath



site plan

form diagrams

  • Source:   http://lh5.ggpht.com
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