Housing Estate Proposal design by Mikolai Adamus and Igor Brozyna

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Designed in an undeveloped plot in Gdynia, Poland, the housing concept by Mikolai Adamus and Igor Brozyna is based on the idea of tissue as group of elements cooperating with each other. The area is divided into plots of shapes that occur in the neighborhood. Instead of being placed on separate parcels, houses are grouped into settlements, allowing to achieve a diverse public park between. More images and project description after the break.

Typical building types of the neighborhood are single family-houses or small multi-family houses with private gardens. In this proposal, each plot is given different function and character, but they form a consistent whole. The plots are shaped so as the settlements do not block views from each other.

Each settlement is designed the same way. Level of housing is raised so as to create semiprivate courtyards and to improve views from the houses. Under the courtyard, each settlement has a different public function such as shop, swimming pool, library, etc. Above the courtyard, there are 3 levels of houses. At each level the amount of volume decreases to ensure proper illumination of flats. The roofs function as private gardens for the dwellings.

Source: Mikolai Adamus and Igor Brozyna
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