MAD architects: china wood sculpture museum

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‘china wood sculpture museum’ by MAD architects in harbin, china
all images courtesy MAD architects

internationally renowned firm MAD architects has sent us images of ‘china wood sculpture museum’,
a new facility dedicated to the arts in harbin, china. located in one of the most rapidly expanding
creative regional hub in northern china, the project is one of three cultural buildings the
beijing-based firm was commissioned to design in 2009.

street view

influenced by the local winter landscapes, the design aims to expand on the contrasting
qualities between nature and the speed of daily life. the 200 meter-long museum negotiates
the site’s conditions while exploring the relationship between the building and the environment,
resulting in a dynamic form that resembles a frozen fluid.


in line with the continuous nature of the exterior, the museum’s circulation flows
uninterrupted between two exhibition spaces. connected by a central entrance,
curved wall forms open up to the skylights above, filling the voids adjacent to
the galleries with natural daylight. pockets and openings between levels provide
visual transparency, connecting the energy of the building’s activities together.


interior levels

circulation space

overall view

physical model



construction shot

exploded axo

site plan

cross section

cross section

cross section

sectional models

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