Giacomuzzi Commercial Building design by monovolume architecture + design

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Architecture: monovolume architecture + design (Arch. Patrik Pedó_Arch. Juri Pobitzer)
Location: Kaltern (BZ)
Architectural staff: Arch. Simon Constantini / Arch.Thomas Garasi / Arch. Barbara Waldboth
Structural engineers: Baucon Bozen (Ing. Neulichedl Simon)
Client: Giacomuzzi limited partnership
Program: commercial building
Realization: 2009/10
Volume: 4.200 m³
Building area: 1.300 sqm
Photographer: Simon Constantini

Giacomuzzi Ltd. in Kaltern is a modern plumbing firm specialized in sustainable and ecologic technologies. The new headquarters building reflects the future-oriented core-business through the architectural appearance and sustainability. The building grows up from street level to second floor like a bent ribbon. In between it shelters three storeys very open to the surroundings due to its ample insulated glass façades. The technical solutions such as photovoltaics and solar panels are integrated seamlessly into the ribbon. The installations aren’t hidden but proudly exhibited. The company housing in the uppermost floor is extremely extraverted and represents a model of modern and ecological life, and the ground floor harbours the open space offices, protected from direct insolation by the elegantly protruding ribbon. In between there is a whole floor dedicated to exposition and show room. The concrete masses are used to regulate the building’s microclimate.

Source: monovolume architecture + design
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