Garden House design by Kochi Architect’s Studio

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Architects: Kochi Architect’s Studio
Location: Chofu, Tokyo, Japan
Architect In Charge: Kazuyasu Kochi
Structural Engineer: MI+D architectural structure laboratorylaboratory
Garden: Michiko Tokumitsu / Tokuzou
Constractor: Sugimoto Kogyo co, ltd.
Area: 453.2 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Daichi Ano, Kazuyasu Kochi

The site area is 450m2, it is rare spread in Tokyo. There was an old house in the north side, and garden in the south side. The new building coverage ratio was estimated 20% around because of cost. So this project concept was how to make use of 80% exterior space.

I don’t want to see the garden but feel like standing in the garden. Two boxes, residence and atelier are located in the large garden. To mix house and garden, the exterior wall are made by glass. I put two boxes with touching by the corner, and put a small glass box beside the corner. People are coming and going between two boxes, and are seeing exterior wall melting into the garden with each other.

The exterior wall are covered the wood wool cement board with the glass, and the garden reflected in the wall. The wood wool cement board is painted water-repellent, becomes brightness equal with the room in daytime. It makes similar impression of wall and window.

Source: Kochi Architect’s Studio/ Daichi Ano, Kazuyasu Kochi
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header_logo%2520copy%2520copy.jpg (805×90)