GAMO Nagoya Japan – design by Edward Suzuki Associates, Japan

GAMO, Japan
Design : Edward Suzuki Associates

GAMO is a wholesale distributor of cosmetics including items used in beauty parlors such as shampoos and nail polishes. It is based on a membership system whereby members are entitled to purchase products at a discount rate as well as to use a number of facilities such as the multi-purpose studio/hall provided.

So far seven facilities have been designed and constructed all over Japan, and all have the same or similar space arrangement. For instance, the ground floor is usually occupied by parking space together with entrance hall with reception, elevator, and staircase. The second floor is predominantly boutique showcasing all or most of items that GAMO deals with. The third floor is usually office space along with meeting rooms. The fourth to fifth floors are most often occupied by a studio/hall boasting two levels of voluptuous space.

In most cases, the façade has a “makeup” of a skin/screen of various designs as an “interface” between the outside and the inside, serving as a filter, a cushion, and/or a buffer zone, as can be witnessed in the cases of GAMO Nagoya and Sapporo respectively.

GAMO Nagoya images / information from Edward Suzuki Associates

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