Ferdeghini Sport Complex design by Frigerio Design Group

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Architects: Frigerio Design Group
Location: La Spezia, Italy
Design Team: E. Frigerio con D. Galletti, D. Bona, E. Masala, M. Torrigiani, M. Russotto, F. Valido e C. Ginocchio
Year: 2013
Photographs: Enrico Cano
Structures : I Quadro Ingegneria, L. Romano, S. Migliaro, C. Dotti
Systems: Politecnica M. Gusso, F. Frassinetti
Construction: Delucchi SaS

The project provides a new vision of sports and environment. It combines youth education and growth with Spezia Calcio’s athletic needs, always respecting the context and the local resources. The renovation of the sports center “Ferdeghini”, with minimal building’s footprint, high energetical efficiency and sensorial comfort, designed to become the “home” of the youth sector of the historic Company Spezia Calcio.

The project aims to recover a degraded area, with the intention not only to create a functional center, but also to redevelop an entire district of the city at an urban level, becoming a landmark of La Spezia and a point of reference for the world of soccer and sports. The architecture of the building was inspired by the city’s personality, which is bound to its harbour and industry.

The project includes an 11v11 soccer fields, the two  7v7 fields, all with synthetic turf and a single volume containing the stands, locker rooms, offices, and all the auxiliary services necessary to run the entire sports complex.

The new building lies in a barycentric position on the footprint of the old building that has been demolished; position dictated by the soccer fields, and in order to make the best use of the space available. The construction choices follow the purpose to accomplish the building yard in the shortest time possible, without leaving the energetic and environmental aspects apart. Building choices made in relation to local climate to maximize energetic efficency and to reduce maintenance through long-lasting and recyclable details and materials. A sports center, to grow up with a soccer ball and become a landmark for the city of La Spezia and a point of reference for the world of soccer and sports.

Urban regeneration with low environmental impact and energy consumption

–  recovery of an existing area

–  dry assembly

–  optimization of passive and active solar contribution

–  integration of natural ventilation

–  sensorial comfort

Source:  Frigerio Design Group/ Enrico Cano
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header_logo%2520copy%2520copy.jpg (805×90)