drmm: exeter royal academy for deaf education

the exeter royal academy for deaf education by drmm
all images © drmm

UK firm drmm were commissioned by the exeter royal academy for deaf education to
undertake a feasibility study to explore redevelopment options for how the academy could
best meet the needs of the deaf community in exeter and the south west of england.

drmm worked closely with the academy’s mission statement: excel educationally,
acquire language, develop socially and emotionally and achieve independence to design
their proposal which visualizes connectivity, ICT integration, flexibility and sustainability.

on the microscale they have explored teaching arrangements and space characteristics for
different activities, particularly those required to support communication; on the macroscale
they have considered how the academy can redefine itself, creating a critical mass for deaf
learning, living and culture, while offering opportunities for integration, exchange and synergy
with the larger hearing community.

the interior

floor plan

overview of level 0 (upper ground)

overview of level +1


one of the existing rooms

ideas board

project info:
type: special needs education / inclusion
scope: new build
status: pre planning
location: exeter, UK
client: exeter royal academy for deaf education
project team
architect: drmm

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