Darat King Abdullah II, by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

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A performing arts centre for the Jordanian capital Amman, designed by Austrian architects Delugan Meissl.


All images and information courtesy of Delugan Meissl Associated Architects; © by Delugan Meissl; See project details below for detailed credits.

Delugan Meissl architects have sent us some information on their performing arts centre project in Amman, Jordan and we are delighted to share it with you on desMena.

An open gesture that adapts to its special context

Proposed at a prime location in the heart of the Jordanian capital, the complex is planned to house all types of performing arts. Conceived as a place to rehearse, discuss, teach, study and perform, the complex is to become the premier venue for theatre, music and dance performances and education – a vital element of the cultural life and identity of Amman and all of Jordan.


The goal of the design is to conceive an open building that is effective as an inviting and yet powerful symbol in all directions while being permeated by generosity and openness. It adapts to its special context, reflects the very specific topographic and urban planning features of the site and bundles these into a striking gesture.


The building embodies a living statement for the music and people of Amman – communication and openness, concentration and calmness are united beneath the “roof of music”, becoming guiding themes for designs leading to the creation of an inspiring place for the new generation in Amman.


The differentiated but interconnected spatial sequences of public spaces, foyers and theater halls turn the Darat King Abdullah II into a lively, discussion-rich platform for conversations, performances and societal action and at the same time permit the creation of a site that can just as well offer the quiet and concentration that is desirable for the enjoyment of music.






utilization concept and programmatic overview

Project Details:

Category: Cultural
Address: GAM Stripe, Amman, Jordan

Competition 04/2008 [1st prize ex aequo]
Gross surface area 26.835m²
Net floor plan area 23.064m²
Gross volume 163.000m³
Martin Josst
Project Team
Sebastian Brunke, Jörg Rasmussen, Kai Riedesser, Peter Pichler, Jan Saggau, Thomas Theilig,
Marina Kolloch, Oana Maria Nituica, Claudiu Barsan-Pipu
Acoustic Müller BBM Int. GmbH, Munich, Germany
Stage design Kunkel Consulting Int. GmbH, Bürstadt, Germany
Landscape Rajek Barosch Landschaftsarchitekten, Vienna, Austria
HVAC SCHOLZE Technische Gebäudeausrüstung GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Modelling a2-prix.com, Vienna, Austria
BS Modelshop Vienna, Austria
[phase eins].
Hossbach + Lehmhaus Architeken BDA VBI