Cube Court House design by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

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Architects: Shinichi Ogawa & Associates
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Project name: CUBE COURT HOUSE
Completion: 2010
Program: residence
Structural system: reinforced concrete, steel frame
Site area: 177.72 sqm
Building area: 88.75 sqm
Total floor space: 154.60 sqm

‘Within a calm residential area in Tokyo, this house has the two contrasting faces: an intimate, introverted, closed house with courtyard and an outward looking, open glasshouse above.

A tall wall of frosted glass on the principal façade brings sunlight into the entrance hall, through which the LDK room is accessed.
The large courtyard is bounded on the North by the LDK and on the opposite side the children’s room and master bedroom. The small courtyard is placed for the bathroom and the toilets, interrupting the eyes. Totally closed toward the neighborhood, the cubic courtyard connects these modestly sized rooms indirectly, creating a sense of togetherness, while providing a comfortable, spacious living environment; well ventilated, filled with sunlight and connected to the changing seasons.
In contrast, the 3rd floor glazed penthouse and a roof top terrace are perfectly opened towards the city.’

References: Shinichi Ogawa & Associates
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