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HOK London unveils designs for Bangalore International Airport expansion
HOK today unveils its designs for the expansion of Bangalore International Airport (BIAL)Terminal 1 – a design which will bolster Bangalore’s standing as the gateway to Southern India.

Unveiled by BIAL Managing Director Sanjay Reddy, the expansion will extend the existing Terminal One from 72,000sqm to 134,000sqm, enabling the airport to cater for rapidly increasing passenger traffic expected to reach 17 million by 2015.

HOK’s designs for the T1 expansion unify existing and new facilities under one dramatic swooping and curving roof. The undulating wave of the roof will provide the terminal with greater physical presence and create a dramatic canopy to the main entrance, offering passengers and public protection from the weather. Inside the terminal, the radiant interiors will mirror the rich culture of the state of Karnataka and vibrant colours of the garden city.

The new expanded terminal will include 83 check-in desks, while the number of baggage reclaim belts will be increased from nine to 13. Seating arrangements within the new terminal will also increase from 2,300 to 5,300.

HOK Vice President, Anthony Leslie, who led the project team explains: “The masterplan design for the expansion of Bangalore International Airport’s Terminal One is both modern and striking and will help to further secure the city’s position on the world stage. The masterplan will help to drive wider economic growth and reflect the region’s dynamic aspirations and role as the information technology hub of the country.”

BIAL Managing Director Sanjay Reddy, adds: “The expansion of the existing terminal marks a significant milestone for Bangalore International airport. It is an important step towards giving Bangalore an airport that caters to its global aspirations and will act as an important driver for the overall growth of Bangalore, Karnataka and the Southern region of India.”

The expansion is scheduled to be completed 18 months from the commencement of its construction.

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