Construction continues apace on Statoil’s new office at Fornebu, Oslo, design by A-lab

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STATOIL Oslo Offices under construction

Construction continues apace on Statoil’s new office at Fornebu, Oslo.
Since January Skanska Norway have been progressing the above-ground works, building the superstructure at a rate of about one office lamella per month. Each lamell is 140m long and 12,5m/3 storeys high. Whilst the steel truss sections for the upper lamellas are being lifted into place by Northern Europe’s largest mobile crane, prefabricated façade elements produced in central Sweden are being mounted on the lower lamellas.
Steel superstructure
Each 140m truss is divided into 5 sections. Each 100 tonne section is welded together on site using prefabricated steel members that are delivered by lorry from Finland. The sections are then welded together in situ, inside welding “nests” hanging high up in the superstructure, before the temporary underpinning is removed. The steel subcontractor is the Finnish Ruukki corporation.
The prefabricated façade is being delivered by Flex facades from Sweden using bespoke profiles from Schüco. Each element spans one storey and is 3m wide. The geometry of the facades has been developed to allow for fully integrated external solar shading. This has introduced a verticality to the façade which is solved with a continuous vertical cover profile every meter. These provide fixing for the cladding cassettes and a guide track for the blinds. The glazed panels are triple-glazed units with a U-value of 0,6 W/(m²K).
The scale and drama of the spaces created under the cantilevers is breathtaking and points in the direction of a remarkable achievement for both the client, IT Fornebu, and the architect, A-lab. The project won the Future commercial prize at the 2009 World Architecture Festival. Total area approx. 115 000 sqm, including 65 500 sqm above ground office space and 50 000 below ground parking and technical areas.


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